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Columbia, Maryland

I have suffered from the effects of Bell's Palsy for the past 7 years. After the first treatment with Penny, my eye was much more open and the painful muscle spasms ceased. After my second treatment, my eye is much more open and my ability to smile "normally" has improved and the dull thud headaches are no more!   Can't wait for my next treatment!!!! Penny is very compassionate and a very skilled healer!

Michelle L, Silver Spring, MD

Penny has helped me immensely with becoming more grounded, less fearful, and more present. She is so intuitive and knows exactly what work I need each time I see her. More recently, her sound therapy has actually opened up my sinuses. After decades of almost constant sinus congestion and very little sense of smell, I now have very few sinus problems and I can actually smell!! And, her work with my daughter has given my daughter much more focus at school and better grades as a result. Joan R, Chevy Chase, MD

Penny's sessions provided me with a peaceful, loving and safe place to release some long suppressed emotions. Her beautiful voice and incredible healing energy always carry me to a place of inner peace and calm. I leave feeling more balanced, centered, and with a more positive outlook toward life. Sue M., Catonsville, MD


Penny’s work is very subtle. I no longer feel the anxiety, despair, and near hysteria I had, and I would have her work on me again for certain, but I couldn’t begin to explain what took place, or why whatever happened worked, but I feel much more in control then I did, so for that I’m most thankful.

Anna T., Pasadena, MD


How can I begin to thank you for your priceless healing, freeing, nurturing treatment last night? It was a virtuoso, Shamanic tour de force! I am so grateful. Because I see that Spirit so loves me, that it brought wonderful you into my life. (This takes my breath away, then you give it back.) Love and Thanks, Always, Julie P-F, LMT, Ellicott City, MD


"As Penny 'toned' over and around me, I felt relaxed yet alert, and at one point a warm soft light suffused my body. The chanting was mesmerizing, even when it became guttural and primal.  The after-session consult was most enlightening, and very true."   Gordon W., Kensington, MD


I was amazed by how effective the first sound treatment that I received was at removing the sadness and depression that I had as a result of guilt that I had been carrying. Within just a couple of days after the sound treatment, the guilt had vanished. I was suffering from a somewhat irrational guilt that had existed for years, but I had pushed the feelings away, and had only become consciously aware that I was still holding onto this guilt in the last few months before the treatment. I worked on dealing with these emotions for weeks, and while able to begin to see that I needed to let it go, was unable to do so. With only a very short treatment, followed with a suggestion of creating an affirmation, and yes, a few initial uncomfortable emotions after the session, and then the guilt was gone. I am a skeptical individual and would not normally have tried being treated with sound, but I have come to rely on Penny’s guidance, and am very glad that I did. Lynda L, Columbia, MD