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Columbia, Maryland

Penelope (Penny) S. Rice is an experienced energy healer using several modalities including Usui and Karuna Reiki, Sound Healing, Sacred Geometry and the Teleios Technique as well as Dowsing. Among the services Penny offers are Integrated Sound and Energy Therapy, Grounding and Embodiment, Intuitive and Spiritual Healing, and Home/Business Energy Clearing and Blessings.


Based in Columbia, Maryland, Penny is also an ordained minister for the Community of the Whole Person, established in DC and Maryland, and is empowered to perform marriages in the state of Maryland. Her philosophy of life is to live in Love, to be filled with and radiate Light, and to Laugh as much as possible every day.


Although Penny has been aware of her intuitive abilities from early childhood, her career path followed an office and business management path for several industries including publishing, construction, legal, IT, medical manufacturing and distribution.  Already trained in Usui and Karuna Reiki, after completing the Teleios Technique certification and being ordained, Penny decided to open a part-time energy healing practice in June, 2003 working with people who were seeking to bring more spirituality and healing into their lives. 


In 2010, Penny studied Sound Healing with Patricia Norton of Sound Immersion and improved her Dowsing skills in a workshop with Raymon Grace.  Both of these classes have had a profound effect on her life and her energy practice; opening up new ways of inviting the healing energies to use her as a healing tool.  She works out of an office in Columbia.


The name Love Heals arises from an experience Penny had while participating in a group meditation.  An exquisite silvery blue light descended from the ceiling and surrounded Penny with a pure and absolute Love.  The light held her as though she were a precious child and many issues she had been dealing with were simply Healed ... gone, vanished.  Before the light ascended back into the heavens, a voice filled her with love and compassion and said:  "Love Heals and Perfect Love Heals Perfectly."  No one else saw or sensed the Light.  This remains the single most profound experience in Penny's life. 

How Sound Therapy Works


The vibrational frequencies of sound and light are the building blocks of the universe. Using sound as a healing tool works at fundamental cellular and atomic levels to break through physical, emotional and spiritual blocks which impede our growth as whole and balanced beings. Sound, coupled with intent, enables us to enter into a partnership to clear, open and heal that which is dissonant within us and to bring us into harmony at all levels of our existence.


Sound healing employs the use of voice through toning, chant, noises or sounds as well as crystal or Tibetan Singing Bowls, drumming or other percussive instruments. Rain sticks, the didgeridoo and rattles can be very effective to break up and remove energetic blocks within the body and the chakras.


We are born with the innate knowledge of the perfect tones or notes for our optimum health and well-being. Each cell, organ, sense, or area of the body, will have its own healthy vibrational tone which flows together with all of the other notes and tones of the adjoining organs that make up a physical body. When we are in harmony with all of these discrete tones, our bodies hum with vitality and energy and we live in the creative and loving flow of the universe. When an organ or area is out of tune, due to stress, dis-ease, injury, sorrow or use of chemicals which disrupt our vibrational beauty, it will begin to pull other areas into disharmony as well. Eventually, without intervention, we can become seriously ill and may die prematurely.


Sound healing can bring our body back into harmonic, physical and hormonal balance (health). There are several techniques by which this may be accomplished. The Sound Healer may reflect the ‘ill’ sound back to the organ, chakra or area and gently move the tone back to the optimal and healthy note. Just as when one of two identical tuning forks is struck and vibrates a tone, the 2nd though untouched will begin to ring the same tone, even when the original tuning fork is silenced. A pure note will bring an ‘off’ note back to its pure tone and health.


The Sound Healer may use crystal singing bowls or Tibetan singing bowls which are attuned to the chakras and to other energy centers of the body to bathe the body in waves of gentle sound keyed to rebalance the body’s ‘song’. The structure remembers the right/perfect note or tone it had when born, and with reminding will allow itself to ease into realignment with its perfection.


The Sound Healer may also employ sounds, coughs, trills, ‘noises’ or even laughter to break up blocks and congestions within the body before removing the energetic ‘waste’ and filling the cleared spaces with light and sound.


Silence is also a powerful tool in the Sound Healer’s repertoire. Just as you replenish your body with water and nutrients after exercise, injury, or illness; silence is a way for the healing sounds and tones to sink into the tissues of each cell, bringing you back into optimal health.


Sometimes the dis-ease or injury or emotional issue is so old, traumatic or entrenched in the body that it may take several sessions to overcome the inertia of dysfunctional ways become normal. The body must come to accept a new way of being, a new normal. New habits can take time to form and need reinforcement.


Sound Healing is a collaboration between the Divine, the Healer and the Recipient. The Healer is able to work best when given accurate information about the issue or ailment. The Healer then requests assistance from the Divine to guide her/him as he assembles the right tools for optimum benefit as well as guidance during the treatment. The recipient benefits most when able to relax and ‘drift’ on the sound during the session and by drinking LOTS of water and taking it easy for the rest of the day. Avoid strenuous exercise or stressful situations. Treat yourself gently and allow the lingering effects of the sound and energies to complete the healing.


© 2010 Penelope S Rice