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Love-Heals is a Spiritually based, alternative healing practice using Universal Energies, including Usui and Karuna Reiki, Sound Healing with Sacred Sound, Angel and Spirit guided Dowsing, Sacred Geometry and Teleios Technique to relieve physical, emotional, and spiritual pain. 


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Columbia, Maryland

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Nourishing Journey

10440 Shaker Drive, Ste 104

Columbia, MD  21046

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Life is too short and too filled with opportunities to spend our time waiting for our pain and sorrows to end, to heal, or to simply disappear by magic.  When we take affirmative steps to heal our bodies, emotions and our souls, we create infinite possibilities for peace, joy and love.  We each hold the reins of our future.  Whether we crawl, walk, trot or gallop at a full run, we are in charge of our life.  And, sometimes, we need a little help or guidance as we seek out the path that brings us our greatest rewards.  Penny Rice will work with you to help you heal those issues that stand between you and your dreams. 

Available Now:  The Sounds of Healing, an audio CD of vocal toning by Penny Rice plus a guided meditation to assist in grounding and connection to Earth and Universal Energies.